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Thank you Pinterest!

I’m obsessed with Pinterest.

I am sure you have heard of it haven’t you?

If you have not gotten sucked in by the black hole that is Pinterest…maybe it is a good thing.

It is a social site that lets you bookmark, in different categories, blogs, websites, clothes, advice, eye candy, photography, EVERYTHING!!

I can easily spend 30 minutes pinning away crafts I want to try someday.

After I finish, I walk away feeling like I was really crafty, but in reality, I have nothing to show for it.

It is almost like the ultimate bucket list or what I want list.

Doesn’t it sound awesome?!

It’s my #1 go to place for planning dinner or finding gluten free yummy-ness.

I dream, I get inspired, I drool over outfits I could never pull off.


Last year I pinned a photo I took where I created “snow” using potato flakes.

Apparently, there are a lot of people needing fake snow because it got re-pinned over 4,000 times!

That is my most shared pin… EVER.

I am dying to try it again.

This picture of her blowing snow was taken indoors.

It was in front of a giant window, which helped it look more natural.


Now you know my little secret if you don’t live somewhere that produces snow.

I’m a little jealous of you right now.

It is 8 degrees. 8!!!!!!

I think the kids would really enjoy throwing fake snow.

I must be honest, I had fun throwing the flakes.

I bet there are some pretty creative pictures you could produce with the potato flakes.

I want to see them!

Will you send me the picture if you try out the potato flakes?!

Pretty please!?

You can send it to me at

Promise me you’ll send me a picture!

I hope you have so much fun!

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