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I wanted to try a couple different edits using one photo. Sometimes it’s hard to make the pictures just right. I couldn’t decide which edit I like best. So, I thought I would share them as a side by side comparison. Let me know which edit you prefer.

couple photographyPINIMAGE

Clean edit

enhanced editPINIMAGE

darker edit

dark editPINIMAGE

black and white edit


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  • Jessica Deren - Darker edit! It gives a peaceful yet more vibrant look to it.

  • Cate - I also like the darker edit.

  • Sandy Calanca - I like the darker edit also. The colors are richer. The sand and water are more defined.

  • erica - darker edit!

Oh, I had such a great time with these wonderful families! My husband was gracious to go along with my crazy idea of dragging a couch into the great outdoors. It was SO worth it. The kids had fun. We even heard people walking by commenting on why there would be a couch in the middle of the woods.

For a mini session each client gets 10 pictures. But really, who wouldn’t want MORE right?! That’s where YOU come in. I told my 4 families that I would let 1 family get more than the 10 pictures. By votes.

Here’s how you can help, if you would like to vote:

1. Please go to my photography facebook page and “LIKE” Erica Lynn Photography (If you don’t have a facebook page move on to #2)

2. Please COMMENT at the end of this post in the COMMENTS for which family picture you are voting for.

3. If you are partial to one picture and/or are friends with one of these families and would like to help them win their pictures, feel free to share this post with your friends and family.


#1. The S Family, a sweet family of 5 but soon to be 6!! This was momma’s idea for a picture and I love it!


The S Family

#2. The H Family I chose this picture because to me it was such an intimate picture… yet this is life with kids. NO PRIVACY! Can I get an AMEN?!


The H Family

#3. The B Family What a creative family! Mom brought a couple different props and these letters were perfect. Too bad we didn’t get to the mustaches. Save them for next time!! πŸ™‚ I love how their youngest has his letter upside down and that sweet face!!!


The B Family

#4. The T Family The siblings were so adorable together. Maybe it was because their shoot was the coldest since they were last so the siblings were snuggling to keep warm. I thought they were so sweet with each other.


The T Family

Alright, it’s time to pick your favorite. Leave your vote in the comments!

Ready, Set, GOOOOOOO!!

(voting will close next Sunday, Nov. 3rd at midnight)


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  • Jessica Deren - I vote for the H family!! Love it!!

  • mike - The T Family!

  • Jessica - Family #4, the T Family gets my vote!

  • Allison - T FAMILY

  • Lauren - The S family!!!

  • Richel G. Truelove - I vote for the # 1 The S Family!

  • Richel G. Truelove - I vote for the #1 The S Family

  • Ric Macaranas - I vote for S family. Beautiful picture!

  • Kim - The B family for sure!!! Love the youngest not only with letter upside down but look in his face.

  • Ronda - The S family

  • Maryette - I vote for family S!!

  • Ali - S Family all the way!

  • jin - S family!

  • Andrea - The T Family!!

  • john smith - I vote for the S family!

  • Steven - S!

  • Kara - T family! (#4) πŸ™‚

  • Melanie - #3 The B family! Creative, cute, and what a perfect Y!

  • Kristin - H Family!

  • Gale - the S family what a wonder captured.. i mean does not looked ” staged” or ” posed” this looks so natural just hanging out as a family

  • Lola - S family picture is amazing!! So creative!

  • Kerry Brown - H Family!

  • Leah - The H fam! So cute! I’m super pleased to see the couch in action!

  • Michelle - S Family for sure!!!

  • Amy - The H family for sure!! Awesome picture, adorable family!!

  • Megan - Super cute! The T family!

  • Julie - The T family, of course!

  • Jon - H Family

  • Josh - The S Family…Great Picture

  • Drum - S Family to the end.

  • Guy - In it to win it for the S family

  • Needs - S Family 4 sure

  • Snaux - S family πŸ˜€

  • Adjustment - S Family

  • Gretchen - T family!!

  • Jan Russell - the B family

  • Karen - The H family!!!!!

  • Brandie - S Family!! Great idea!

  • Kay - S family πŸ™‚

  • Nina M. - I vote for #1 S Family

  • Everett - #1: S Family

  • Shanna - I vote for #3!

  • bernadette macaranas - The S family

  • Robin - H!! H! H! πŸ™‚ Amen!


  • Jason - S family!

  • photographe mariage suisse - I love them all but I’ll go for the H family :).

  • Lacy - The Be family!

  • Yang - Voting for S Family!:)

  • Kristy Mutchler - I love all of these!! You captured such great moments. Love the upside down y and the snuggling children. Beautiful work!!!

  • Jennifer - so cute!

  • Fatima Reyes - S family please

  • Roman Reyes - I vote for S family

  • Debbie M - great idea

  • Brooke - I love them all!! Great job!

  • Keri Rohde - The T family!

  • Audra - H fam #2

  • Rowie - Family #4, the T Family!

  • Jeremy Gloved - I vote for the “T” family, #4! So adorable!

  • Henry Dorhenson - I would like to add my vote for the “T” family which is listed as #4. Great people as well as a beautiful family!

  • Josiah Davis - I vote for family T

  • Jacob Davis - voting for #4 T family

  • Austin Engel - Voting for family T

  • Leanna Tiojanco - voting for the T family. so cute!

  • Donna Davis - I vote for the T family. My daughter, her husband, and grandkids are adorable!

  • David Davis - Voting for my grandkids, #4!! VOTING FOR “T”!!!

  • Janna Grayburn - The T family has my vote!

  • Olivia - Voting for the T family!!!!!

  • Alex - Voting for the T family!!!!

  • Haley - T family!!!!

  • Alexis - Voting for the T fam!!!!

  • John - The T family for sure!

  • Brenda Davis-Thorton - Voting for the T Family! Loving the emails going around the entire extended family telling everyone to vote! πŸ™‚

  • Lilleth B. - I am voting for the B family so cute.!

  • Brady Thorton - Voting for my inlaws, the “T”‘s! Love the family to death, along with everything they stand for and what they teach their kids. Good bunch of people right here.

  • Kirsten - The B family photo is my favorite.

  • Joy Thorton - Voting for the #4 (The T’s) because they’re a beautiful family, inside and out. Those kids are adorable!

  • Brad - Voting for the T Family

  • Bristol Dorhenson - I am entering in my vote for the “T” family, which is also labelled as family #4.

  • Viktor Gheizmin - I am vote for the friends of my host family because I am from Germany. I vote for the family “T” because they are very great!

  • Garreth - Voting for my mates across the big lake, the T family. Looking forward to seeing you guys this December!

  • Josh - I vote for the S Family! Yee Haw….

  • Rebecca Stringer - I vote for the S family! Love that pose!

  • sarah wagner - I vote for the S family!

  • Linda Stevens - Voting for the S family

  • Delphanie Wu - The “T” family!

  • Bob Carey - The S family picture is unique and special. It gets my vote.

  • Dave Davis - T Family – beautiful kids!

  • Rebeka - My vote is for #1, the S family. Very special photo.

  • Whitney - S family!!!!!

  • Jenni - I really like the S Family photo!

  • Tess - The T family gets my vote!!!

  • Brittany - The T family gets a vote from me!

  • Jessica Matthews - Adding my vote in for the T (#4) family..

  • Jaime Davis - T family !!!

  • Brenda Lancaster - Voting for the T family!

  • Greg Lancaster - Voting for the T family

  • Charlie - Voting for the B family!

  • Anna - Putting my vote for the T family! GO T’S!

  • Christy - I vote for the S family!!!

  • Richard Brady - T family

  • Courtney - S family!

  • Linda - T family

  • Courtney Breed - T Family!

  • Sheri - The S family for sure!

  • Miranda B. - The T family for double sure! πŸ™‚

  • Brent LaClerk - I like the T family’s!

  • Grant Peters - I came in here without knowing any of these families. From a completely unbiased standpoint, I would have to say that the H family and the T family’s have the best pictures.

    Is it possible to vote for two?

    The T family and the H family.

  • Danielle S. - #1 S Family!!

  • Josh - S Fam!

  • Christopher B. - VOTING FOR THE T FAMILY

  • Jolly - The #4 T family

  • makayla - i love number 4

  • Tina M. - Love the T family

  • Susan - T family

  • Jospeh - T family

  • Ashley - T family is da bomb!

  • Jane - My grandchildren! The T family!

  • Tami - T family please!

  • Tony - Family #4 please!

  • JAMIE - I vote for family #4

  • Kenny - T family!

  • Joshua Matillano - T Family AMAZAZING THE BOMB

  • Matt Tiojanco - Family #4!

  • Marc Tiojanco - I vote for Family T. Family S is really great but Family T is the most beautiful family that has blessed this earth.

  • George Hanky - I’m voting for Family 4. Is there really any question who else I would choose????

  • Sharon Walden Cornelius - I vote for the S Family…family of 5/soon to be 6!

  • Marissa Laug - I vote for Family T!!!!


  • Craig Culp - I vote family T

  • Meghan - The T family for sure!!!!! How cute:)

  • Caleb - Go T!

  • Justin - Family #4!

  • Hannah - I vote for the T family!

  • Rowena M. - Family 4!

  • Arthur - Voting for the “T” Family!

  • Dee - #1 The S family. Beautiful pictures! ^_^

  • Brandon Tressle - I vote for the T family!

sleepy newborn babyPINIMAGE

sweet dreams

I had the privilege of shooting this sweet family a year ago. So, I was excited to meet their newest addition. Baby girls are so fun to photograph because of all the cute bows and headbands and girly accessories. Every year I do a handful of sessions for adoptive families as a gift. I know that finances can be tight but I am a big PRO-ADOPTION girl and it’s something small I can do to create lasting memories of this life stage that lasts for such a short time. Isn’t she beautiful?!

lace blanketPINIMAGE

lace blanket

mom and babyPINIMAGE

mom and baby

big brotherPINIMAGE

big brother


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As I announced yesterday there are only 2 spots left for the mini sessions!

As you know for the mini session you get 10 images.

Well, because I am SO excited about my families that have already booked their session I know it is going to be SO SO fun! I decidedΒ  I wanted to do a fun little contest to get my families excited about their session.

Β As you may also know I bought an awesome couch that I am excited to be dragging along for the mini sessions.

Well, I want to challenge YOU if you booked a mini session with me.

I want you to get creative with your family.

Who is going to have the most fun, most creative, family pictures during the mini sessions?!

You can bring props, accessories, ANYTHING!

Dare I mention Halloween is 4 days away from the session? (hint hint)

After the session, I will post 1 picture from each shoot and then everyone will get to vote whose picture is the most creative, fun family photo. Basically get your friends and fam to vote for you. πŸ™‚

And you will get to have all your pictures from the session not just 10. Sweet right?

Want in on the fun? Contact me to book the last few spots open!mini photo sessionsPINIMAGE

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  • Catherina Hamernik - It can be near close to impossible to encounter well-qualified people on this niche, unfortunately you come across as like you know whatever you’re writing on! Cheers

It’s that time of year when most families start thinking about taking family pictures.

It’s the perfect season. The leaves are starting to turn which makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Christmas cards are needed just around the corner.

The weather is perfect.

It’s also one of the most busiest times of the year for portrait photographers.

I wanted to offer something fun for the family on the go that don’t need a full session.

I have announced my fall mini session dates.

I have already booked a bunch and only have 2 openings left.

I have a 4:15pm and a 4:30pm left.

mini photo sessionsPINIMAGEWho wants to join me?!

Oh and did I mention, I am bringing a couch?!

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