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I mentioned in a previous post all about Ella louvi, I have been dying to work with a boutique to style my own photo shoot. I randomly met my model one day; a past client introduced her to me. I knew she would be perfect for what I had in mind. Thankfully, she was in. She rocked it!

We went with a bunch of different styles. It was a really cold day with high wind advisories. I decided to ask some of the neighbor stores if we could shoot in their spaces for more variety. These pictures were taken at El jardin. (The enchiladas are YUMMY!)el-jardin-glenview-senior-photography-fashionPINIMAGEel-jardin-glenview-senior-chicago-photographyPINIMAGEchicago-senior-photography-glenviewPINIMAGEI am obsessed with this dress!!


I had an idea for some dressy Christmas pictures and the Vintage Nest was the perfect location.glenview-fashion-senior-photographyPINIMAGEvintage-next-christmas-senior-photographyPINIMAGE

vintage-nest-glenview-senior-photographyPINIMAGEchristmas-senior-photography-chicagoPINIMAGEglenview-senior-photography-chicagoPINIMAGEWe also took some casual pictures because there was a big beautiful bed in the middle of the store!

glenview-vintage-nest-erica-lynn-photographyPINIMAGEerica-lynn-photography-senior-photographerPINIMAGEsenior-photographer-glenview-northbrook-deerfield-lake-forest-winnetkaPINIMAGEWe did try and go outside. Outside won. We lasted less than 5 minutes. I did get a couple shots though and that’s all that matters.

glen-photography-north-shore-seniorPINIMAGEchicago-north-shore-senior-photographyPINIMAGEI had to get some snow pictures but it was TOO cold. So, I made my own snow, INDOORS! This picture is already on Pinterest and has been repinned many times. Wanna know the secret to the fake snow? It’s POTATO FLAKES!!! They turned out so perfect! You MUST try it!

fake snow made out of potato flakesPINIMAGE

fake snow made out of potato flakes



These are just some of my faves. We are going to do a spring shoot in April. Stay tuned!


Which outfit is your favorite?

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  • lindsay - really gorgeous images! great ideas:)

  • Karen - Beautiful session!

  • Stephanie Necessary - Love this! My favorite is the one with her giggling into her hand 🙂

  • Lauren - I’m LOVING the casual photos on the bed, wearing the snuggly sweater. Great idea on the potato flakes — I just might have to try that.

  • Heather Meehan - Beautiful fashion photography! SO full of life and wonderful use of light!

  • Kristin H. - Gorgeous! She looks like a Kardashian!

  • Beth Ann - Love this styled shoot. What a great idea to use neighboring stores.

  • Marie Bohn - What beautiful images and model. What a great idea to stop in to shoot at the local shops.

  • Melissa Benzinger - Super sweet and gorgeous model!

  • Rachel Gatewood - Cannot pick – they are all quite amazing!

  • Kassandra Lee - LOoks like a fun session

  • Katie Estes - LOVE the shots in front of the bar! Lovely work!

  • Ashley - These are GORGEOUS! I love the set of portraits from the Vintage Nest – so fun!

  • Brianna - Stunning young lady and session!

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I recently wrote a post on why I don’t photograph weddings anymore, but do, but don’t… (read this post if you are confused) 🙂 So, I want to introduce you to Keren Sarai Photography. She is a Chicago and North Shore wedding photographer. We have become fast friends through our business ventures since she lets me follow her around and shoot with her at the weddings. She EXCLUSIVELY shoots weddings. She is the real deal. I have had the privilege of shooting with her at many weddings now. She loves what she does and it shows in her work. I thought it would be fun to do a little interview.
Tell us about your family.
I’m married to the guy I had my very first and last blind date with! 🙂  His name is Dave!  We have two gorgeous, rambunctious boys named Mateo and Marco.  I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with them during the week and on weekends when I’m not shooting weddings!Second Presbyterian Church_Chicago_Wedding Photography_0082PINIMAGE

What do YOU look for in a client?

That’s a great question because I do think it is important that my brides and I “fit” together if that makes sense.  First, I’m usually looking for brides and grooms who have photography high on their priority list.  These brides understand the value of capturing this once in a lifetime event and are usually very willing to listen to my guidance and advice.  I often find that the brides I end up booking are often much like me! They have a great sense of humor, they are very trusting and have a good sense of what my photographic style is!Keren-Sarai-Wedding-Photographer-Destination-WeddingsPINIMAGE

Why should a bride pick you?

I’d like to think I’m a really FUN person to work with! :).  I also pride myself in the fact that I ONLY shoot weddings and couples!  I made a conscious decision last year to only photograph what I was passionate about.  What this means is not only do I absolutely love weddings but you are going to get someone who is just thrilled to be shooting your special day.  I also only take a limited amount of weddings per year which allows me to give my brides the full attention they deserve.

 What is your favorite picture you have taken?

This is a tough question because as an artist, I’m constantly changing my mind about my favorite picture! I would have to say that one of my top favorites though was this engagement picture that I took in downtown Chicago.  I just love everything about this picture and I think the reflection of the couple just make this picture pop!

Where is your dream wedding location to photograph?

I have LOTS of dream wedding locations because I LOVE to travel….but my dream wedding location in Chicago would have to be Salvage One? I’m dying to shoot a wedding there.  I’m also just DYING to do a destination wedding!  Someone fly me out!!! 🙂Chicago-Wedding-PhotographyPINIMAGE

 What’s one piece of advice you would give to a bride who is photography shopping?

HIRE ME! haha no, just kidding!!  I would probably say, before you even start shopping….

1.  Figure out your photography budget and where you place photography on your priority list!  That way when you are booking/shopping around you can keep in mind what areas you need to cut back on and which ones are okay to “splurge” on so that you are not disappointed in the end.

2.  If the photographer you want is not available or just out of your budget range, ask for a recommendation!!  Often, that photographer has a great network of other photographers who might be available and have a similar style.
3.  Meet the photographers you are interested IN PERSON!  I can’t stress that enough!  They might have gorgeous work but if you don’t feel comfortable around them, maybe they aren’t the right photographer for you!  The way you interact with your photographer can definitely affect your images.  You need to have someone who you can trust and feel yourself with.Second Presbyterian Church_Chicago_Wedding Photography_0087PINIMAGE
 Is there anything you would have changed about YOUR wedding?
Well, I got married in the age where there was no Pinterest so there are definitely days where I think I could have done something so much more unique!  In the end though, I married the man I love and it was such a beautiful day that I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t change anything.Keren-Sarai-Chicago-Weddings-PhotographyPINIMAGE

What do you like to do for fun?                                                                                                                                      

I love going to the movies, hanging out with friends, walking to the beach (in Evanston) or going to see a musical or opera!Wilder_Mansion_Wedding-042PINIMAGE

What’s the first thing people find out about you?
I think they usually find out I’m not Indian! haha.  People are often confused as to what I am.  I have a very unique first name, middle name and last name…which most people can’t pronounce. My middle name happens to be a common Indian surname and my married last name is Armenian (I happen to look more Armenian than my husband does!).  Anyway, most people think I’m Indian or Assyrian or Egyptian and the conversation usually come up pretty quickly because people want to know. For those of you who are curious…I’m 100% Venezuelan!Keren-Sarai-Chicago-Wedding-PhotographerPINIMAGE
What book are you reading right now?
I’m trying to dig into the last Divergent series book: Allegiant.  I’m a huge sucker for books on dystopias and futuristic worlds.RM Champagne Salon_Chicago Wedding Photographer_0013PINIMAGE
Tell us one embarrassing or awkward photography moment. 
I think has to be the one time I was shooting the end of a ceremony, I didn’t see that the coordinator parked a golf cart behind me and as I was shooting the bride and groom exiting, I ran into the cart and everyone saw the whole thing!  The bride and groom went from smiling to worried and asking me if I was okay! I was totally fine but super embarrassed!!Keren-Sarai-Wedding-PhotographyPINIMAGE
What is your favorite wedding moment so far?
I see a lot of wedding ceremonies as you can imagine but I am always touched by the ceremonies where the bride and groom focus their attention on God.  This past summer I was so touched by a couple who had the preacher pronounce them husband and wife before the ceremony ended because the first thing they wanted to do together as husband and wife was worship God and take communion!
Now, don’t you want to tell everyone you know that’s getting married to contact her?
You can check her out on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, or google+.
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  • Monica Lopez - Amazing wedding photographer! Keren’s right about her “favorite” picture, the refection adds a “punch” to the photo. And she’s venezuelan! We could talk in spanish! 😀

  • Kate - Beautiful work and a really interesting interview!

  • Lynette - Love all of these shots! I love the group girls shot always a favorite!

  • Kristin H. - I’m in love with her work! I would follow her around too!! 🙂

  • Chantal - Omg you photos are beautiful!! And such a great post!!

  • Jenni - I LOVE your use of light!!! Gorgeous!!!

  • heather - She does amazing work! Looks like she is truly gifted at capturing those wedding details!

I have been wanting to do a styled shoot for a couple years.

I knew that I wanted to do a shoot with the help of a boutique owner in exchange for pictures.

I set up an appointment with Grace, who is the owner of Ella louvi in the Glen.

It’s a super cute boutique with one-of-a kind women’s clothes and high end jewelry pieces.

Grace herself is a designer and has some personal pieces as well.

After a brief meeting, she was on board.

I was SO excited. That’s an understatement.

I found a hair/makeup artist that wanted to exchange business as well.

Lastly, I was introduced to someone and knew she HAD to be my model.

When it came time for the shoot it was FREEZING out.

So, I contacted 2 other stores next door to see if they would allow us to shoot in their stores as well.

One was a restaurant called El jardin.

It has dark wood on the inside which would be perfect for our fancier outfits.

The other place is called Vintage Nest.

It is a french store. It is SO adorable.

Anyway, it was really neat to work with other small businesses.

It also gave me the confidence to ASK! Sometimes it can be intimidating and easy to assume a NO.

I just wanted to encourage you to step out and have the courage to ASK!

I HIGHLY recommend doing a shoot for YOU.

I wanted to give you a little tour of Ella louvi.

All of the clothes are to die for but I just love how she arranged the jewelry.

ella-louvi-glenview-photographyPINIMAGEglenview-photography-erica-lynnPINIMAGEfashion-photography-glenviewPINIMAGEThis next pictures is a gigantic piece of art on her wall. Every time I go in there I stare at it because I want one.

I asked her about it one day and she told me that she made it! OH MY WORD! She is just so talented!!

She also made her sign. The blue sign in the first picture. It’s a mosaic. I wish I could do that! So amazing!

fashion-photography-erica-lynn-glenviewPINIMAGESo, if you are ever in the glen, go check it out! Tell her I sent you!

My next post will be some pictures of the styled shoot so stay tuned!!

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  • Chantal - How awesome is this?!? And the jewlery is making me drool!

  • Katherine - WOW! How talented is she!? Those mosaics are so creative! What a fun business to get to work with 🙂

  • Shanna - Very cute shop!

  • Julie - Okay, now I’m in the mood to go shopping! Great pictures. Can’t wait to see the shoot!

I am very excited to share a session I did this fall.

This is Emily. She is a senior at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview.

The best part is that it’s not featured here. (Well it was here as well but…)

It was featured on Senior Style Guide!


So excited!

It’s my first feature so I’m still in shock.

Although, I must admit, I feel a little guilty.

You see, my senior NAILED it.

And I’m not so sure it had much to do with me.

I mean, c’mon look at her.glenview-golf-course-national-9PINIMAGE

She’s gorgeous.

‘Nuff said.

Check out the featured session here.

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  • Kate - How wonderful! So nice to get a feature, congrats! And love the pics, you did a great job!

  • Jill - Congratulations! Beautiful images!

  • Brianna - Congratulations!

  • Kristy Mutchler - Congratulations! Lovely!

  • Jodi Quick - Gorgeous work. And congrats on your first feature….it’s a big one!

  • Anelle - CONGRATULATIONS on the feature! What a beautiful young woman and I love how you captured her beauty!

  • Marie A Bohn - wow she is beautiful and congrats, I am still waiting to be featured. One day 🙂

  • heather - She is gorgeous!

  • Christina Marotto - She is gorgeous. I check out the other post and I loved the piano pictures! Would love to do something like that!

I have learned so much about photography since the start of my journey.

Of the many things photography has helped me appreciate more, finding the light is at the top.

I am now OBSESSED.

I love light.

Whenever I see the perfect lighting situation I just stare.

Then I think, I wonder if others notice it.

Do you?

Just look, it’s gorgeous!

I am so thankful for my new found love.

This picture reminds me of that light.

No, the light is not falling evenly on her face.

I’m ok with it.

The lighting in this little space was phenomenal.

You wouldn’t get to see it if I didn’t let it fall on her face just a little.

And sometimes it’s fun to break the rules.

This picture I love in color and black and white.

So, every once in a while I post both and ask your opinion.

Which one is YOUR favorite? (and I’d love to hear why)

Ridiculously excited,

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  • Brittany - I love light! I do the same thing and many times my husband will look at me like I am nuts! Beautiful picture!

  • Brianna - Normally I’m a black and white kind of person but her skin and the light are just so gorgeous in the color version!

  • Gretchen - Oh, this one is hard. I’m usually a fan of black and white – but the color is so natural and beautiful, I have to go with that!

  • Anelle - What a gorgeous spot of light! And I’m sorry, I can’t pick a favourite! Both versions are gorgeous!

  • Kate - hmmm – hard to choose, she’s such a pretty girl! The colors are good in the color one, but I’m typically a fan of black and white personally…. so for me it’s a toss up!

  • Marie A Bohn - I love the light that falls down the bridge of the nose, so beautiful. I love the B&W, but both are beautiful.

  • Beth Ann - It is incredible what a difference light can make! Both the color and B&W photos are beautiful but I guess I would say the BW.

  • Melanie Porter - The color! It illustrates the beauty of her hair and its color and the radiance the light provides. The warmth of the picture from the light is felt much more here – for me anyway 🙂

  • Kara - normally – i would totally go with the black & white – but this one had me sitting & staring & i think i’m going to break the norm & say i love the color!! 😀

  • heather - I can’t decide which I love more! Beautiful work

  • Jodi Quick - Black and White….but I’m a black and white girl at heart. I feel like when you strip away the color you are left with nothing but the story. And this one is absolutely beautiful!

  • Kristy Mutchler - I agree that the color version truly shows the warmth of the light. Beautiful!

  • Debbie M - I would go with the color one

  • Kirsten - I’m drawn to color probably 99% of the time. This time I like the B&W a little better than the color. Why? The shadows are softer in B&W, especially on her face. But I love the hair highlights on her shoulders in the color.