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As you may know, every year, my girls get a special birthday photo shoot. For each birthday I find myself trying to outdo the last one. As the girls get older the more fun it is because they get to help me plan and choose and dream! So far, my favorite was when we did a shoot with horses. You can see some pics from that shoot here. She loved it! This year, for Kayleigh’s 11th birthday, we decided to take a trip out to Arizona to see my brother, his wife, and their new baby girl. (That blog post is coming next!) It was perfect timing and it was so special for Kayleigh. It was our first mother/daughter trip and we were spoiled! Plus, Phoenix is gorgeous! I told my brother that he had to scout the perfect location for our shoot. So, we took a day trip out to Sedona. Have you been there? Wow, it is GORGEOUS! Put it on your bucket list if you haven’t been there! Here are a couple of my favorites from the birthday shoot.

birthday girlPINIMAGEbirthday girlPINIMAGEarizona photo shootPINIMAGEbirthday girlPINIMAGE11 year old birthday photosPINIMAGEbirthday girl photosPINIMAGEbirthday photosPINIMAGEbirthday girl photosPINIMAGEbirthday photosPINIMAGE

I got to go to ARIZONA!!! How in the world will I top this?! Any suggestions for next year? I’m all ears.

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I really enjoyed photographing Marianna because it was a creative shoot for me. I did most of our session indoors which is not typical for me. Also, she was a natural in front of the camera which allowed me to push my creative side. Plus she’s absolutely gorgeous so really it was an easy session. All her clothes are from Ella louvi in the Glen. Her outfits were styled by the owner of Ella louvi, who has a great sense of fashion and style!
fashion jewelryPINIMAGEblue tank top fashionPINIMAGEYou can find this print on the wall in Ella louvi because the owner loved it so much. Who doesn’t love a puppy with a fashion sense too?!
fashion dog stylePINIMAGE The bottom left picture has been published in a magazine. It’s one of my favorite photos.
window picture ideaPINIMAGEOnce she put on the red lip, which is my new favorite “accessory” in a photo shoot, she reminded me of Snow White. Do you see the resemblance or is it just me?
snow white photo ideas
PINIMAGEMarianna’s mom is a FANTASTIC makeup artist. She did her makeup. If you are interested in working with her, I highly recommend her. You can find her website here at Kat Veneri Makeup. She’s on Facebook too!

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I have talked before about my dear friend at Ella louvi (a gorgeous boutique store in The Glen). She and I teamed up again to showcase her clothes. Her only stipulation was that she wanted HER clients modeling her clothes. I loved the idea. Other small business owned stores in The Glen have worked with us before and let us shoot in their space. We have shot in the Vintage Nest and El Jardin. This time we teamed up with a fantastic juice bar called Mingle. One of the owners of Mingle, Kim, was so gracious by letting us shoot in her space. She made us all drinks and as we shot we noticed the cutest little pups following Kim around. So, of course I asked if they could be in our photos!

My first model and client from Ella louvi is Amy. Amy, is a yoga instructor for the Park Center. I thought it was appropriate to incorporate some yoga poses in the juice bar… in HEELS!! She rocked it! I love all of the outfits that Grace, from Ella louvi styled for Amy. She looked fantastic!

The Glen in GlenviewPINIMAGEhugging a dogPINIMAGEmingle juice barPINIMAGEella louvi outfitsPINIMAGEMy next model and client of Ella louvi was Ehrin. I was in the store one day when Ehrin walked in with a friend to look at some of the clothes. After she left I told my friend: “I NEED to photograph her.” Well, my friend listened and put her on the list for the next shoot. Ehrin was gorgeous in everything she put on!ella louvi red jumper suitPINIMAGEred jumpsuit ella louviPINIMAGEella louvi modelPINIMAGEblouse with jean skirtPINIMAGEOur next model and client was Michelle. Michelle has been a client of Ella louvi’s for a while now and she looked gorgeous in her outfits. If I remember correctly she went home with some of the outfits she was modeling. 🙂 ella louvi winter fashionPINIMAGENext up meet Mollie, she is another gorgeous client at Ella louvi. I got to know Mollie more since she and her family have become regular clients of mine. I was able to photograph her daughters birthday party as well as take their Christmas pictures. I love getting to know people more! I’m thankful for the fun new romperPINIMAGEparking garage fashionPINIMAGEMy last model and client was Elaine. She was so great to work with. She works at Ella louvi as well and loves Grace and her store. I really enjoyed ending the photo shoot with her because her personality is so calming and fun. She looked great too!cardigan sweaterPINIMAGE

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I love doing special birthday sessions for my kids. They grow up so fast! So I want to capture who they are in the moment. When my girl was turning 9 I wanted to do something that would surprise her and thrill her! I have a photography friend (Her name is Dory, check her out here) who owns and loves horses. She was so kind and let me bring my daughters to come and take pictures with the horses. They were IN LOVE. I know every little girl wants to buy a horse but this definitely didn’t help. Actually, I must admit, I WANTED to come home with a horse. Dory, picked the sweetest, most patient horse. I added my younger daughter in at the end for some of the pictures. Every little girl should get to do a horse photo shoot!! Thank you Dory for hooking us up!!

girl brushing horsePINIMAGEgirl snuggling with horsePINIMAGEgirl walking a ponyPINIMAGEgirl playing with a ponyPINIMAGEgirl with ponyPINIMAGEsisters hugging a horsePINIMAGEgirls posing with ponyPINIMAGEgirl lit by the sunPINIMAGEgirl leaning on a fencePINIMAGE


Consider doing a photoshoot with your little girl before she’s not so little anymore?

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I have a confession, sometimes when I get a request for photos I cringe when I hear it will involve boys of young ages. It’s probably because I have 2 of my own boys. I assume they will be bouncing all over, getting muddy, and most definitely NOT wanting to take any pictures. However, my clients never cease to amaze me. This family was no exception. These boys rocked it. They listened and waited patiently for my each next direction and they are young!! What a great family!!boy smilingPINIMAGEboy sittingPINIMAGE

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