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Since I am mainly a family/children/senior photographer I do not often get a chance to do an engagement session.


There’s something about a couple that is excited for their new life ahead.

The way they look at each other.

They way they laugh with each other.


I’m such a romantic.

I got my chance at another engagement session last weekend.

Ryan and Janae are getting married next year.

Janae is my kind of girl.

She had ideas.
Creative ideas!

She even brought her own couch… TO THE SESSION!

Can you say HEAVEN?!

I will TRY not to overload you with pictures… but they are just so DARN cute together!

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

Thanks Ryan and Janae!

I hope you LOVE your pictures.

I had a BLAST hanging out with you!

Can’t wait for your big day!

Since we have been having fun with “which is your fav?”

Let’s keep playing…

I like to hear from you!

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  • Janae - erica i love them all i don’t know if i can pick just one or two you did an amazing job and i’m so excited for our wedding!

  • G John - very nice!!!

  • Janae - Erica I love them all and seeing them makes me sooooooo excited for our wedding! Thanks again your amazing!

Well, it’s official.
I have a 7 year old, a 6 year old, and a 4 year old.


Why do they grow so fast?!

I’ve been complaining about this fact to my son.

He told me it’s my fault… because I FEED him.

I guess growing is my fault then because I plan to continue to feed them.

Anyway, I am still taking advantage of the fact that my boy will let me do a photo shoot.

I’m sure those days will end sooner than I would like.

He is interested… for a second.

And the mosquitoes ATE US ALIVE.

But a photo shoot is worth it right?!

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEAre you scared yet?

He’s our protector when my hubby is on business trips.

He takes good care of us girls.

He’ll make a good hubby one day.


I just hope she can live up to ALL my expectations… because my list grows on a daily basis! PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEMelt. my. heart.PINIMAGEHappy Birthday to my most favorite 7 year old in the whole world!

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Well, it is that time of year, when my oldest 2 children are the SAME age… only for 3 days.
She loves it. Because for 3 days they are twins… almost.
He hates it. He reminds her: I’m STILL older!
I am amused because people will ask how old they are and when I get to say that they are the same age… the look they give me is priceless.
Nope, they aren’t twins.
Yes, that’s possible.
And on and on it goes.
it also means that I get to do their yearly pictures.

Ok, let’s be honest… YEARLY may not be the right word because we all know I take a bajillion pictures of my kids.

But you know what I mean, right?

Well, as I thought about our theme for our shoot, it came to me. Instantly. As soon as I saw the dress.

She got it as a gift from her Grandma. And she LOVES it.

Tell me, is this dress not PERFECT for the theme?!

I love you, my not-so-little girl!

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  • Katya - Erica, please tell Kayleigh how BEAUTIFUL I think she is. Oh and I think you’re really talented, too! 🙂 No really, you always capture a lot of emotion in your work, especially after reading your blog post above the pictures. It’s amazing getting to watch you appreciate and love your kids. You’re awesome!

  • Hanna - The dress is perfect, the theme is inspired, and the girl is a unique and precious blessing! Happy Birthday!

  • Katya - PS. my favorite one is the one where she’s going “UGH!” like what I do (: haha

  • Betsy H - Adorable!!!
    I know you didn’t ask us to vote, but I LOVE #3(4861) and 11(4788)!!!
    Are those daddy’s glasses? Does she like wearing them?

  • Kim - She’s beautiful…but I do find this comical since you home school! LOL


Thank you for commenting on Lauren’s pictures!

Apparently it was hard to pick 1 or 2… because some of you picked 5! 🙂

It was fun to add up the total so I could figure out which one was THE picture.

What I thought was interesting about the results is that everyone has a different favorite.

Photography is so subjective.

MY 2 favorite were:

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEI just love those purple flowers!

Are you wondering which was everyone else’s favorite?

Well there were 150+ comments… so we’ll do a top 5:


Thanks for helping me!

Check out Lauren’s mom… she has a GREAT blog…here!

Megan gets the credit for all the comments. 🙂


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We spent the day in Michigan with some friends at a great lake house.

Oh the possibilities for a photo shoot!!!!!

It was unbelievable!

How lucky for me… there just happened to be a willing model.

I don’t use that word lightly… Lauren is BEAUTIFUL!

She could be a model. Seriously.

I just shot.

She made it EASY.

As I went through these pictures I picked out MY favorites…

and I thought it’s obvious, there is 1 picture that is better than all the rest.

But then I started wondering… which one would be Lauren’s favorite?

Or her mom’s favorite?

Or YOUR favorite?

So I’m curious… will we pick the same one?

Which one is YOUR favorite?

I want to know!

I numbered the pictures so you can leave a comment and tell me which picture is YOUR favorite!

(click on the thumbnails to see the full picture)

(Ok, I lied, I have 2 favorites… but I love them all!)

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  • Casi - I like 40 and 44!

  • Kryssia - Erica, it’s so hard to choose…I like too many. I would have to say that for modeling type picture I like #41 the best, for natural look #29, and for close up #44. Now the question is…are any of those what you had in mind?

  • Keren - I like 7, 8, 12 and 44!

  • Janae - All I have to say is that if our photo shoot turns out half as good as this I will be a happy lady!! I am loving #32, #42 and #44

  • Janae - ahhhh and i love 40 how fun!

  • Lauren W. - I love #30!

  • Roberta - I love all of them but my favs are 7 and 46

  • Jen - They are all so great…but I think #40 is my favorite!

  • Betsy Schweers - 6 and 7

  • Anne - Hi Erica!

    My fav is #31!

  • Bozena Hudek - #40 is my fave

  • Ann Rocha - My two favorites ones are #30 and # 44. It was not an easy choice as there are many great shots!! Lauren, let your light shine with God’s help!

  • Belinda - okay first of all she is beautiful!!! and a old friend! she was born to model.. i like 20 of them!! #31 is really cool because she looks like she is part of the back round and nature is making her beauty even more eye popping!!

    miss you Laurn!!!
    Love, Belinda&& Abriella <3

  • Von Weidemann - #45

  • Betsy - Wow, there are so many great ones! I like 37, 8, 19, 31 🙂

  • Tori - I love love love #31 and #37. Those are my absolute favorites. Although, I do love the rest as well. Its so hard to choose!

  • sarah - I like 13 and 40

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - #37 and #44…. Lauren, you are so beautiful! Your eyes shine!

  • meg duerksen.....the mom - 🙂
    i chose…..
    #37, #43, #47

    good job Erica!!!

  • Dana @ Bungalow'56 - 26, 40, and 44. And maybe 13 and 32 as well. So hard to pick. All so lovely. I like the softer lit ones. Lauren’s colouring really makes the black and whites stand out too. It will be hard to pick.

  • Cindy - Gorgeous photos! So hard to choose, they are all amazing! But I think I’ll have to vote for #37. Beautiful smile 🙂

  • Jane - wow these are STUNNING! gosh you are not wrong Lauren is just gorgeous!
    my favourite is #8 #33 #37 & #45

  • Terrie G - Lauren doesn’t take a bad photo! Beautiful girl & beautiful shots!
    Favs are 6,33,37 & 44

  • Alisa - 13, 27 and 44 are my favourites.. she is so beautiful. My 7yr old was looking with me and said “wow she is so pretty”.. that sums it up

  • Victoria Clements - I love 27 and 44, but they are all lovely!!!

  • Nantucket Weddings - I like the #27 and # 30. She has an innocent look on those photos. Love it. 😀

  • angela - 38 and 44 but they are all fabulous! She is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Jen - Omg how fun and B-E-A-Utiful! I love #8, 37 and 44 🙂

  • Jules - These are lovely photos – I like 12, 30, 37 and 43! But I really like them all, wish I could take photographs like these! What a beautiful model too!

  • Kerry - 8,10,19,32,33,46 – aaaaah its so difficult, she pics are fab and she is stunning!!

  • Southern Gal - 37 or 44. Can’t decide.

  • Maggie - Can’t decide between #8 and 40. 🙂

  • Carrie - 5, 13, 29, 31, 38, 43
    It was hard to pick 6, how can anyone pick just 1
    She is stunning. I love that she is not wearing a bunch of makeup and is not all “done up”. She must be proud of those photos.
    Great shots and great model.

  • Lindsay - All are great, but if I have to choose one it would be #8.

  • sara @ it's good to be queen - #33 and #44 She is GORGEOUS!!

  • courtney - 40 and 43…love,love,love!

  • tara Lowry - 32, 40, and 42

  • Julia - All of the pictures are wonderful. Lauren is a beauty! I think there are about 4 or 5 really amazing shots but if I HAD to pick one, I’d pick no. 38.

    Really great shoot – I’m jealous!

  • Sharon - Love 37,33,and 8

  • Vicki - Wow – I guess she did make your job easy – what a beautiful girl!!

    37 is definitely my favorite because of her smile but I LOVE LOVE 31!

    All of them are great!!! Can you come to my house next?!?! 😉

  • Tiffany - 32, 40 and 42 – but they are all beautiful!

  • Kat - 3, 13, 37, 40. She’s beautiful. And too grown up. *hugs for meg & craig*

  • Heather S - 3, 6 and 37! I can’t have just one favorite. They are beautiful!

  • Taryn - Lauren is beautiful and so are your pictures. My favorites are #33 and #43!

  • Kerry - Lauren is such a beautiful young lady its so hard to pick, but I think my favorite is #44!

  • Kirsten - Beautiful photos of a beautiful young lady! My favorites
    are 19, 37, 40 & 43.

  • Jodi - I love them ALL!! But if I had to pick favs… I would say #43 & #46

    She has a beautiful smile!

  • Elizabeth - They really are all awesome. But I love #31 the most! Very editorial-looking.

  • Janelle - Number 13, 31 and 38…can’t decide between those three but honestly, they are all great! She is so beautiful! I wish I looked that good at her age! Heck, I wish I looked that good now!

  • Anna Marie - I like a lot of them. At first I thought #12 but I really like #38. Great job!

  • Katrina - 45. She is a gorgeous girl and they are all honestly amazing. I happen to like the natural smile.

  • Sandy - #13 I miss seeing Lauren on Meg’s blog. She’s such a beautiful young lady!!

  • Corrie - WOW. Lauren is so beautiful!! If I had to pick only one, I’d pick #8, but honestly, they are all gorgeous!!

  • Laura - Number 44 stands above the others, but all are beautiful. 44 shows the beautiful heart shape of her face, the wave of her hair creates movement in the picture and frames her, drawing attention to her eyes.

  • Alisha - #31! I love the sweet innocence.

  • jerusalem - #33 & #8 are my favs! Lauren is beautiful!

  • julie - 31 …. she is gorgeous!

  • Rachel - #44…my fave! All are fantastic and she is so beautiful!

  • Shawna - 8 and 38. So beautiful that Lauren.

  • Adrienne - 32 and 8 for me!! 🙂

  • Kelly O. - I love #22!
    Lauren, you’ve been slapped with the pretty stick, girl!

  • Brandy - #8 is my very favorite. #47 is next in line, but they are all really good. Lauren is beautiful, so you couldn’t go wrong with any photo as long as she is in it. 🙂

  • Lauren's Grandma - I like 43 and 45

  • julie - 13, 38, 43… it’s hard to pick just one! i do like the ones where you can see lauren’s eyes best. beautiful girl, lovely photos!!

  • Antonette - It was so hard to pick, but I’ll got with 40 and 32. The closeups are beautiful too, but I love the more artsy shots.

    I wish I looked half as beautiful as her when I was her age. She could definitely be a model.

  • Stefanie - #6 & #44, they are all great though. She’s gorgeous!

  • kari - I love #6, #33, & #44. Lauren is beautiful!!

  • Cindy - 43 and 8!

  • Sharla - 44 is my favorite, but I love 43 and 45 almost as much. Incredible!

  • Stephanie - She’s beautiful and could and should be a model. #37 is my favorite.

  • tara pollard pakosta - hands down #31, wow, and I have always read Meg’s blog and thought to myself that her daughter looks like a model, she is just absolutely STUNNING and gorgeous and just BEAUTIFUL! tell Lauren, she should be in MORE photos on her mom’s blog because she is never on there and I think she’s adorable!!!

  • Sarah - all are beautiful, love 8, 18, 30, 31, 47!

  • Jeannie - 30, 38, 43….or, just the whole batch! Great shots, great locale, and gorgeous model! She should submit these somewhere!!!

  • Valerie Rodriguez - 8, 31 and 48 wow, wow, wow I am a follower of Meg’s blog and she takes great photos but very rarely of this beautiful girl (teenager thing right?!). Lauren is BEAUTIFUL! You are absolutely correct she is a model. the pics also look like stills from a video shoot. So apparently my favorite THREE are…

  • jcole - #44 and #38. She is gorgeous. She hasn’t been on Meg’s blog for months. She should let her mom take her picture more! She should model!

  • stephanie - 43 and 37, definitely. 🙂

  • amy jupin - #37 and 43. for sure.
    great pics! beautiful light.

  • Melissa - #13 and #40 are my favorites!!!!

    Lauren is a natural beauty.

  • Chant - Lauren is stunning in all of the pictures, but #2 is definitely my favorite. It’s her “I’ve got a secret” look that I find captivating.

  • amanda - #33! Gorgeous shots.

  • Risa - 37, 38 & 39 are my favorite but they are all SO fabulous!

  • Chelsea - I think #31 and #8 are super awesome, but they are all great! This was fun! Sort of like the art critiques I used to do in college. Have a good day!

  • Christy - Great shots! I love #40 and #9

  • Michele R. - 8, 13, 33 and 44–great photos and gorgeous girl! She will love looking at these pictures her WHOLE life.

  • Angel/TaDa!Creations - They are ALL so beautiful, but #8 stood out to me as soon as I saw it. I love her gorgeous smile and the natural quality to it. It really let’s her beauty shine. It also looks like she’s up to something. 🙂

  • Candice - I am loving these photos every single one, she is absolutely gorgeous, seriously. She should consider being a model because she looks so pretty and comfortable in front of the camera, a natural. I like number 45 the smile says it all!

  • chantelle - So 39 and 43 are my faves… which was was meg’s fave? and lauren’s?

  • Beth I - 8, 13, 33,37,43. I wish I was that photogenic in highschool.

  • Elissa Finger - 18, 30, 37, 40. gorgeous girl! how could you go wrong? i like some of those from a photography standpoint, not necessary as great pics to show lauren off. i think 37 is my favorite of her pretty face 🙂

  • Lisa Wakely - My favorite is #44. I think #31 and #40 look like they could be in a magazine ad, something from Ralph Lauren or for perfume. Gorgeous!

  • Grammy Dianne - The photos are all beautiful, but I love the dramatic and exotic look of #24.

  • Meredith Salmon - #37, #40 #44 I love them all. She is so beautiful. I like when she smiles!

  • Anna - I love #34 with the light filtered around her! Beautiful girl!

  • tara - #8 and #44. all of them are beautiful though!

  • Kimberly - I love #38.

  • Lisa - I love #13. And #3. And #32

  • Joy - #30. Love it.

  • Katherine - #43!! 🙂

  • Michelle - Great pictures – Lauren is just beautiful!

    Hard to pick just one – 37, 38, 43, & 44. (I like 13 too – but not a close up)

    It just depends on what you’re looking for – some are sweet, some are downright sexy!, some are artistic. So many really good shots!

  • Emily - These are all beautiful photos alone I dont know how you would pick a favorite! I personally liked 8, 31, 38 and 49. I love the ones where she smiled its nice to see teenagers happy!

  • Amanda - #8 is mine
    but they are all beautiful!

  • TinaB - They are ALL beautiful. #37 with #43 and #13 close behind.

  • Tanya H - I love 37, 38 and 43. But if I were a teenager I would think other more model-y shots would be nice to have. 🙂

  • donna - #44!!!!

  • Meredith - 33,37,11 I can’t pick one but If I had to narrow it down it would be these! Great photos!

  • Juliann Brenner - oh my! they are all amazing!! Lauren is a beautiful young lady. I narrowed my picks to #37 and #38. Olivia would like to vote for #43 and #44. 🙂

  • Candy - I love #31, but their all beautiful, and so is Lauren! Her mom is taking our pictures in a few weeks, we are so excited!

  • Jenny - There are some really amazing pictures here. 12 would be by number one pick with 24 being a close second. (the lighting in 28 is amazing, 40 is professional model material)

    (I work in the photo biz, and simply can’t resist a good photog site, which aren’t all that easy to come by. Very commendable job!)

  • Leslie - #40 for an awesome funky pic
    #43 AND #44 for beautiful close ups

    Great job!! And yes she is very pretty!!

  • Nicole Drysdale-Rickman - I have a three-way tie between my favs: #8, #30, and #46!! Lauren IS gorgeous!!

  • Vicki - I love #38 and #44. So pretty!

  • Danae - They r all great but mt fav is #9

  • Danielle Albini - i LOVE 8, 31 & 32 the most. Great session and truly a beautiful woman. I read Meg’s blog daily and wow–her daughter is stunning!

  • Kimberly Dial - They are all lovely but 8 & 27 are my faves!

  • Maria - Love beach photo shoots! I think they are all great, but 38 & 42 are my favorites.

  • kate - what a beautiful girl! 30 really hard to choose…so many pretty ones…but think 30, 31 and 37 are my favs!

  • Crystal Paine - 40, 37, 38, 41…… hard to choose!

  • Diane - #37 and #44

  • michelle - seriously, only one?? how do you choose? between lauren’s beauty and your talent as a photographer…wow! i asked my daughter and she agreed. the settings, the lighting, her looks–smile, innocence, sultry, secretive, playful–you’ve got it all in one photo shoot. perfect.
    to choose only one–we both pick #44.

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  • Nicole Quiring - What a model! Lauren you are Gorgeous!!! Very natural.
    #8,40,33,38, and 44 are my FAVS!

  • Deanne - Lauren's Nana - The photos are all great…my favorites are 13 and 29! I love it when Lauren smiles!!

  • Susan - My favorite is number 35!

  • dawn - Oh my gosh — she’s beautiful! She’s got her own look and she’s very photogenic. I can’t pick one — so I’ll pick 31, 38, 40, and 47. 🙂

  • tristan - 37!

  • Myriah Mae - 30, 40, 48, …..ummm all of them!! She is soooooooooooo beautiful!! But look at her momma, how could she not be beautiful?!?!

  • Jodi - I LOVE #33 the best, and then #44…..great pictures!!

  • kat - I love 31, 40, and 46! You’re right, she is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the outfit!

  • Heidi Jo the Artist - Hi there! I was sent over here after reading Meg’s blog. I love photography and really enjoyed looking at Lauren’s photo shoot. She is a beautiful person and I think she would do wonderfully at modeling if she so desired.

    It was very hard to pick one favorite for me, it is a tie between 31 (favorite artistic/model shot) and 33 (favorite portrait) because I really liked the composition of both photos; also not far behind for fav’s were-10, 15, and 40. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Michelle - I like #37. They are all beautiful!!

  • Andrea - She is a natural model. They all look amazing, but I love #4, #32, #41.

  • lauren - #8 & #33 are my absolute favorites. composition, colors, sharpness, mood, etc. lauren is an amazing subject!! just beautiful!! 🙂 *

  • Kari - She is such a pretty girl! It’s too hard to choose just one favorite – my top three faves are #37, #43, #44.

  • DanaD@BoysMyJoys - Wow!
    Love #30 & #31 the most, but it sure was hard to narrow it down!
    They all are great!

  • Jessie - Oh my. Too much beautifulness in one epic picture! IS it possible? must be! OH Lauren your so beautiful! God has blessed you dearly! All the photos are gorgeous, but I have to say #44. If she EVER thinks about being a model, she’d probably get accepted in 3.56787654 seconds or less 🙂 Beautiful, just Beautiful <3

  • Joanne Beaulieu - Lauren is so pretty, very hard to choose one, but my fave is 31

  • Janine - Popped on over from Meg’s blog. Her daughter Lauren is gorgeous! They all came out beautiful so this is hard.
    31,33 & 44 for the artsy shots
    37,46 & 47 should all be framed/scrapbooked for her mom!

  • Ani W - I like #31 and #44. Great photos!

  • Loni - 37 is my fav. Makes me wish I was young again.

  • Rachel - My favorites are #37 and #44. Beautiful!:)

  • PattyL - They really all are very pretty- but #8 is my favorite.

  • Alison Vaclav - #30 because it captures the essence of a young girl’s dreaming. At her stage of life, imagining the possibilities is such important work and a beautiful process to behold, case in point.

  • Janel - I love 8, 13, and 33. Of course, they are all very lovely! In shot 13 Lauren looks very much like a young Cindy Crawford. Actually I can spot more than a few that remind me of Cindy. (She was my model “idol” as a teenager. In fact, I have a photo of her in my wallet right this minute of a haircut of her’s that someday I will have. I will.)

    Beautiful daughter, beautiful girl…

  • Tonya Blais - hands down #37

  • Vonda - Lauren is an absolutely beautiful girl! She looks amazing in all of them!!! I think my favorites are #33,38, and 44?!!! I love them all:)!

  • Andrea - 26 and 33.

  • Karey - Lauren is absolutely gorgeous! My fav is 44. Such a beautiful girl!

  • Naomi - Number 45 is my favourite, it looks so natural 🙂

  • Amy Lynne - #44 & #45. I love it when she smiles!


    6, 7, 10, 18, 30,31, 37 40 41!!!!!, 44 & 49,



  • Kasey - I like #37. Gorgeous pictures! 🙂

  • Marisol Avila - #37 & #43 are my favorites!! Such a beauty!

  • emily - i love 8, 38 & 44. she is STUNNING 🙂

  • Cindy - #32 is my fav!!! Lauren is awesome! All of them are great!

  • danielle @ take heart - 8, 37 & 41 – she is beautiful just like her mama! 🙂

  • Jaime @ Queen of the Creek - Love them all – Lauren is so beautiful…
    But if I have to pick two – then #8 and #41

  • lindsey - 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • april r - #44 (and number 10)

  • Christy - Definitely #37…Beautiful!!

  • leslie - 27, 32, 33

    she is beautiful indeed. i picked these pics because i think they capture her youthfulness/innocense the most. not in any way to offend you but to just give my 2 cents, a lot of the other shots you took made her look older than what she is. like, i hope there’s no creepos checkin’ these pics. out. be safe y’all! 🙂
    lauren’s precious!

  • leslie - and now i feel the need to make sure my comment’s not taken in the wrong way. just always wanna be cautious about stuff pics. online, especially with more and more stories on the news. that’s all. have a splendid week! 🙂

  • casey - I love them all! But I love #5 the most. She is a beautiful girl very photogenic and would definatly make an amazing model!

  • Lori - #43 and #44

  • Mindy M. - I like #13 & #38. She’s gorgeous!

  • Heather R. - #3 and #8 So hard to choose one. She is stunning.

  • Alice H - Great photos!

    I vote for 8, 31, 3.

    she is very pretty! Love Meg’s blog.

  • Anne - They’re all beautiful captures, but I’m hands down LOVING #8 and #37 the very most. They’re gorgeous!!!

  • Karina - Number 37 for sure. I think she looks the most relaxed, the least self-conscious (which is very difficult in a photo shoot!), and the happiest without a huge grin. Lauren, you are a natural beauty.

  • wendy b. - She is a BEAUTIFUL girl. I come here from her mom’s blog and WOW I’m blown away. Although most of the photos make her appear much older than she is, they are all fantastic. But you asked for a vote so here they are…33, 37 & 44. Sorry, but I just couldn’t choose!

  • Joyce - Amazing!