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Mini Session Contest | Family Photography

Oh, I had such a great time with these wonderful families! My husband was gracious to go along with my crazy idea of dragging a couch into the great outdoors. It was SO worth it. The kids had fun. We even heard people walking by commenting on why there would be a couch in the middle of the woods.

For a mini session each client gets 10 pictures. But really, who wouldn’t want MORE right?! That’s where YOU come in. I told my 4 families that I would let 1 family get more than the 10 pictures. By votes.

Here’s how you can help, if you would like to vote:

1. Please go to my photography facebook page and “LIKE” Erica Lynn Photography (If you don’t have a facebook page move on to #2)

2. Please COMMENT at the end of this post in the COMMENTS for which family picture you are voting for.

3. If you are partial to one picture and/or are friends with one of these families and would like to help them win their pictures, feel free to share this post with your friends and family.


#1. The S Family, a sweet family of 5 but soon to be 6!! This was momma’s idea for a picture and I love it!


The S Family

#2. The H Family I chose this picture because to me it was such an intimate picture… yet this is life with kids. NO PRIVACY! Can I get an AMEN?!


The H Family

#3. The B Family What a creative family! Mom brought a couple different props and these letters were perfect. Too bad we didn’t get to the mustaches. Save them for next time!! 🙂 I love how their youngest has his letter upside down and that sweet face!!!


The B Family

#4. The T Family The siblings were so adorable together. Maybe it was because their shoot was the coldest since they were last so the siblings were snuggling to keep warm. I thought they were so sweet with each other.


The T Family

Alright, it’s time to pick your favorite. Leave your vote in the comments!

Ready, Set, GOOOOOOO!!

(voting will close next Sunday, Nov. 3rd at midnight)


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  • Jessica Deren - I vote for the H family!! Love it!!

  • mike - The T Family!

  • Jessica - Family #4, the T Family gets my vote!

  • Allison - T FAMILY

  • Lauren - The S family!!!

  • Richel G. Truelove - I vote for the # 1 The S Family!

  • Richel G. Truelove - I vote for the #1 The S Family

  • Ric Macaranas - I vote for S family. Beautiful picture!

  • Kim - The B family for sure!!! Love the youngest not only with letter upside down but look in his face.

  • Ronda - The S family

  • Maryette - I vote for family S!!

  • Ali - S Family all the way!

  • jin - S family!

  • Andrea - The T Family!!

  • john smith - I vote for the S family!

  • Steven - S!

  • Kara - T family! (#4) 🙂

  • Melanie - #3 The B family! Creative, cute, and what a perfect Y!

  • Kristin - H Family!

  • Gale - the S family what a wonder captured.. i mean does not looked ” staged” or ” posed” this looks so natural just hanging out as a family

  • Lola - S family picture is amazing!! So creative!

  • Kerry Brown - H Family!

  • Leah - The H fam! So cute! I’m super pleased to see the couch in action!

  • Michelle - S Family for sure!!!

  • Amy - The H family for sure!! Awesome picture, adorable family!!

  • Megan - Super cute! The T family!

  • Julie - The T family, of course!

  • Jon - H Family

  • Josh - The S Family…Great Picture

  • Drum - S Family to the end.

  • Guy - In it to win it for the S family

  • Needs - S Family 4 sure

  • Snaux - S family 😀

  • Adjustment - S Family

  • Gretchen - T family!!

  • Jan Russell - the B family

  • Karen - The H family!!!!!

  • Brandie - S Family!! Great idea!

  • Kay - S family 🙂

  • Nina M. - I vote for #1 S Family

  • Everett - #1: S Family

  • Shanna - I vote for #3!

  • bernadette macaranas - The S family

  • Robin - H!! H! H! 🙂 Amen!


  • Jason - S family!

  • photographe mariage suisse - I love them all but I’ll go for the H family :).

  • Lacy - The Be family!

  • Yang - Voting for S Family!:)

  • Kristy Mutchler - I love all of these!! You captured such great moments. Love the upside down y and the snuggling children. Beautiful work!!!

  • Jennifer - so cute!

  • Fatima Reyes - S family please

  • Roman Reyes - I vote for S family

  • Debbie M - great idea

  • Brooke - I love them all!! Great job!

  • Keri Rohde - The T family!

  • Audra - H fam #2

  • Rowie - Family #4, the T Family!

  • Jeremy Gloved - I vote for the “T” family, #4! So adorable!

  • Henry Dorhenson - I would like to add my vote for the “T” family which is listed as #4. Great people as well as a beautiful family!

  • Josiah Davis - I vote for family T

  • Jacob Davis - voting for #4 T family

  • Austin Engel - Voting for family T

  • Leanna Tiojanco - voting for the T family. so cute!

  • Donna Davis - I vote for the T family. My daughter, her husband, and grandkids are adorable!

  • David Davis - Voting for my grandkids, #4!! VOTING FOR “T”!!!

  • Janna Grayburn - The T family has my vote!

  • Olivia - Voting for the T family!!!!!

  • Alex - Voting for the T family!!!!

  • Haley - T family!!!!

  • Alexis - Voting for the T fam!!!!

  • John - The T family for sure!

  • Brenda Davis-Thorton - Voting for the T Family! Loving the emails going around the entire extended family telling everyone to vote! 🙂

  • Lilleth B. - I am voting for the B family so cute.!

  • Brady Thorton - Voting for my inlaws, the “T”‘s! Love the family to death, along with everything they stand for and what they teach their kids. Good bunch of people right here.

  • Kirsten - The B family photo is my favorite.

  • Joy Thorton - Voting for the #4 (The T’s) because they’re a beautiful family, inside and out. Those kids are adorable!

  • Brad - Voting for the T Family

  • Bristol Dorhenson - I am entering in my vote for the “T” family, which is also labelled as family #4.

  • Viktor Gheizmin - I am vote for the friends of my host family because I am from Germany. I vote for the family “T” because they are very great!

  • Garreth - Voting for my mates across the big lake, the T family. Looking forward to seeing you guys this December!

  • Josh - I vote for the S Family! Yee Haw….

  • Rebecca Stringer - I vote for the S family! Love that pose!

  • sarah wagner - I vote for the S family!

  • Linda Stevens - Voting for the S family

  • Delphanie Wu - The “T” family!

  • Bob Carey - The S family picture is unique and special. It gets my vote.

  • Dave Davis - T Family – beautiful kids!

  • Rebeka - My vote is for #1, the S family. Very special photo.

  • Whitney - S family!!!!!

  • Jenni - I really like the S Family photo!

  • Tess - The T family gets my vote!!!

  • Brittany - The T family gets a vote from me!

  • Jessica Matthews - Adding my vote in for the T (#4) family..

  • Jaime Davis - T family !!!

  • Brenda Lancaster - Voting for the T family!

  • Greg Lancaster - Voting for the T family

  • Charlie - Voting for the B family!

  • Anna - Putting my vote for the T family! GO T’S!

  • Christy - I vote for the S family!!!

  • Richard Brady - T family

  • Courtney - S family!

  • Linda - T family

  • Courtney Breed - T Family!

  • Sheri - The S family for sure!

  • Miranda B. - The T family for double sure! 🙂

  • Brent LaClerk - I like the T family’s!

  • Grant Peters - I came in here without knowing any of these families. From a completely unbiased standpoint, I would have to say that the H family and the T family’s have the best pictures.

    Is it possible to vote for two?

    The T family and the H family.

  • Danielle S. - #1 S Family!!

  • Josh - S Fam!

  • Christopher B. - VOTING FOR THE T FAMILY

  • Jolly - The #4 T family

  • makayla - i love number 4

  • Tina M. - Love the T family

  • Susan - T family

  • Jospeh - T family

  • Ashley - T family is da bomb!

  • Jane - My grandchildren! The T family!

  • Tami - T family please!

  • Tony - Family #4 please!

  • JAMIE - I vote for family #4

  • Kenny - T family!

  • Joshua Matillano - T Family AMAZAZING THE BOMB

  • Matt Tiojanco - Family #4!

  • Marc Tiojanco - I vote for Family T. Family S is really great but Family T is the most beautiful family that has blessed this earth.

  • George Hanky - I’m voting for Family 4. Is there really any question who else I would choose????

  • Sharon Walden Cornelius - I vote for the S Family…family of 5/soon to be 6!

  • Marissa Laug - I vote for Family T!!!!


  • Craig Culp - I vote family T

  • Meghan - The T family for sure!!!!! How cute:)

  • Caleb - Go T!

  • Justin - Family #4!

  • Hannah - I vote for the T family!

  • Rowena M. - Family 4!

  • Arthur - Voting for the “T” Family!

  • Dee - #1 The S family. Beautiful pictures! ^_^

  • Brandon Tressle - I vote for the T family!