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Hair tips from an expert | North Shore Senior Photography

I want to introduce you to my impressive hair and makeup artist.

Her name is Michelle and she is beyond marvelous!

I have asked her to answer some frequently asked questions about hair.

If you have any questions, ask her in the comments and I will do another post.

Enjoy some hair tips!

sisters in a field of tall grass for a photo shootPINIMAGE
Where do you work?
For the past 7 years, I’m proud to say, that I’m part of an awesome team at Taylor Reese Salon in Highland Park Il.

Why did you choose to do hair?
Growing up I was always the one asked to put toys together. Straight from the box I would start piece by piece and what I anticipated was the end result, which was a happy cousin with a new toy to play with. And that led to drawing pictures taking an architecture class to somehow doing hair! I always thought of myself as having a creative mind…picturing something and bringing it to pass like sculpting hair for an event! It is really art if you think about it. And the end result is a fabulous look with a happy client.girl sitting on a couch in vintage nestPINIMAGE

What’s your favorite hair type to work with?
I love working with long thick hair.

What are some things you should not do to your hair before a shoot? (Like straightening your hair?)
As a hair stylist photo shoots are all about my models putting their best hair forward! Models want to look and feel their best and photographers want the ability to take and choose the best photo ever! What not to do before a photo shoot…hmmm if I had to choose one it would be NOT to have OVERLY conditioned hair. Each individual varies but, I want to work with a little bit of texture to achieve the best looks the photographer wants!bridal portrait at ella louviPINIMAGE

What is your favorite hair product?
Wow! What’s my favorite hair product? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m not a big fan of sticking to one brand or a single type of hair product but I absolutely love healthy hair! So any types of serums, creams or hair protectants are what I would lean towards.

What is your must do for hair?
Maintain healthy ends! I don’t remember the last time a client left my chair saying they didn’t feel GREAT after seeing their hair getting cut. Getting a small trim every 2-3 months max is an absolute must. The hair looks lighter, healthier and has more shape and movement.girl laying down on bed smilingPINIMAGE

How do you want you clients hair to be when they arrive to get their hair done? (clean? dry? wet?) I guess it depends on the service they are getting. For photo shoots I prefer the hair clean and dry, for almost all hair cuts definitely wet.

Any hair secrets/tips you want to share?
Advice from a hair stylist? Accept what you’ve been given…whether long hair or short, thick or thin, black, gray or any color under the sun. We’re all different and also, all beautiful.sisters laying down for a photo shootPINIMAGE

Don’t forget to ask her a question if you have one!! (in the comments)

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