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Best of 2011!! | Natural Light Photographer

It’s almost 2012! Can you believe it! I can’t!

It’s been an amazing year of growth for me and my photography business and I have enjoyed every minute!

Part of the reason it’s so amazing is because of the fabulous people that I get to interact with.

It makes me so happy to be entrusted with the privilege of being able to capture moments.

Moments together as a family, laughing, playing, and exploring.

Moments together as a couple, falling in love, getting married, and K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I get to be a small part of it. And I cherish each moment.

Looking back through 2011 reminded me of all those good times.

It was SO difficult to pick 1 from each of the sessions this past year but I have my reasons for each picture.

So, are you ready to see the lineup?!

In the comment section vote for you favorite picture (if you are just dying to choose 2… well, go ahead).

Then tell your family and friends and facebook acquaintances (be honest, you have them) to vote for their favorite.

And guess what, if your family’s picture is chosen, you’ll get a digital copy of a collage from your session!!!


This collage will be designed specifically for you from Creative Portraits!

Their work is amazing!! I have one of their collages in my house.

In order to vote you must go to Creative Portraits Facebook Page and “like” them.

Then come back here and comment on your favorite picture of 2011!!!

On to the pictures:

One of my first pictures last year was of sweet Caleb. I did his 6 month old pictures. Oh so sweet!!


Next up, is another adorable little fellow! I got to take his Momma’s pictures while he was still in her tummy.

I just love his almost smile here.

#2 Baby HesselbergPINIMAGE

Up next is ANOTHER little guy! (winter is mostly about newborns and there were plenty! Mostly boys for some reason.) This little guys was AWAKE! I love those big eyes!

#3 Baby LackagePINIMAGE

I enjoyed an outdoor wedding this summer that was absolutely perfect! Weather was perfect, colors were perfect, props were perfect, and of course, the couple was perfect!!

#4 Schultz WeddingPINIMAGE

Maternity sessions are always a blast. The evidence of anticipation is written all over this HOT Mama’s face. I love this picture because she was rockin’ that maternity thang!!

#5 Nelson’s Maternity ShootPINIMAGE

Oh sweet little boys. Here is another cutie pie. I love this picture because he just couldn’t let mom and dad have their privacy. He had to watch them get their smooch on. And it’s adorable.

#6 Bandstra FamilyPINIMAGE

I think this next shoot was one of my favorite shoots of the whole year. I had SO much fun with this family! We walked through the park. We rolled down hills. We played with squirt guns. OK, who am I kidding? The term “we” is used loosely. I was there for it ok? I had to protect the camera. I would have done it too.

#7 Hengels FamilyPINIMAGE

Time for another wedding shot! Ok, this picture is sort of different. You can’t even see their faces, but it’s a favorite of mine anyway! What do you think?

#8 Griffin WeddingPINIMAGE

I decided that this year I found a new passion. Senior girls. I love taking their pictures. They are just so darn cute!! Maybe it’s because I remember when I was that age. Life was SO complicated.

Studying. Boys. Parents. Shopping. Sigh.

Ok, I’m back. I love this picture because… well, she’s GORGEOUS. No explanation necessary!


This little girl, in this picture, well she’s just perfect. And maybe she reminds me of my girls.

#10 Nakama FamilyPINIMAGE

Oh this couple is adorable!! As we get older it SEEMS like being affectionate is more embarrassing in public? So I was proud of this cute couple being willing to show a little PDA in front of their adult children at this shoot.

#11 Belck-Olsen FamilyPINIMAGE

Yay! Finally a newborn GIRL!!!! I just love the colors and her sweet little face!

#12 Baby WettermanPINIMAGE

Back to the baby boys, look at that cute squishy face!!!!! I love all my newborns but this little guys is perfection!

#13 Baby PaynePINIMAGE

Remember the cutie with the tie at the beginning of this LONG post? Well, he turned 1 this past summer. I had a crazy idea about putting him in a bucket of water outside among the tall grass. Well guess what… Mom went for it AND baby liked it! Win Win!

#14 Baby Hom PINIMAGE

Well, I may be just a tad biased but my niece was born this summer. And she’s perfect! I got a LOT of practice in with her. I could show you pictures of her all day… this is just one of my MANY favorites of her.

#15 Baby EllaPINIMAGE

Ok, this shoot was fun because it was impromptu and in Michigan! New locations are always a lot of fun. She could be a model. See for yourself.

#16 LaurenPINIMAGE

Another baby girl!! This shoot was outside. Natural light is fabulous especially at the golden hour when the sun is setting. This little beauty was ready for her shoot. She SMILED!

#17 Baby BrownPINIMAGE

Another fun family shoot. I really like this picture because it shows how much this family enjoys each other. Love that!

#18 Schneider FamilyPINIMAGE

I just love this sweet little girl’s face. This just makes me giggle when I look at it and I just love it!

#19 Schapmann FamilyPINIMAGE

Sometimes there are some close-ups that are just beautiful. (No close-ups of me!) And this is one of them. Just beautiful. I love how bright her eyes look. And of course, the sun in her hair is a must!

#20 Johnson FamilyPINIMAGE

I had a blast with all sorts of families and this next family was game. They were dressed all nicely in their slacks and dresses. And guess what I asked of them? (after the nice pictures were taken of course) I asked them to go in the water. Of course I did. Why wouldn’t you go in the water dressed nicely. But they are brother and sister so they jumped at the chance to splash each other!

#21 Limberg FamilyPINIMAGE

I don’t get to do a lot of engagement sessions so they are special to me. I mean much easier could my job get. Take pictures of people in love. Piece of cake when they are in love and engaged! Remember those days? Those sideway glances. The giggling. The hand holding. (I still do ALL those things with my hubs but you know what I mean about that engagement period.)

#22 Seabloom’s-to-bePINIMAGE

I had a special request to photograph a group of high school friends. That was something a little different and a whole lot of fun! They were a neat group that really got along. I was going for serious amidst the fun.

#23 Friends ShootPINIMAGE

This senior girl had a fun jeep that she happened to drive up in and well, it became a prop! She looks beautiful!


I got to go to FL to shoot a wedding. It was H-O-T! But the bride and groom were good sports as we traipsed them around in the heat. They were naturals.

#25 Murray WeddingPINIMAGE

Can you imagine being a mom to 4 kids? How about a mom to 4 BOYS!?!?!??! Well this momma did it gracefully and she is definitely a hot mama!! I almost picked her picture as my favorite from the shoot but she would have killed me. So, here are 2 of her 4 boys.

#26 Ramon boysPINIMAGE

Another close-up. Well deserved. She looks stunning!


This picture is all about the looks. The facial expressions. Those glances at daddy. Be still my heart adorable.

#28 Ohm FamilyPINIMAGE

Sun flare. We all know I’m obsessed. And this senior was the victim of my passion. But I think it was for her benefit don’t you? πŸ™‚


Once again, this look is priceless. Look at all those teeth! So cute!

#30 Knitt FamilyPINIMAGE

I love this picture. I love the colors. The sun. The family. This picture was my most popular picture that was seen by the most people on my facebook page. I guess other people like this fam too!

#31 Castelluccio FamilyPINIMAGE

This little girl is SO adorable and I had been dying to take her picture. Finally it was my chance!! Ain’t she a cutie?!

#32 Carlson FamilyPINIMAGE

Oh this picture makes me smile. I love the colors, the look, the smile, and umm… the HAIR!!! YES PLEASE.Β  So fabulous. And such a fabulous girl!

#33 Birmingham FamilyPINIMAGE

Once again, sun flare obsession. This is one of my ALL time favorite pics of this past year. So love.

#34 Nord FamilyPINIMAGE

I am seeing a slight trend in favoring the youngest child. Which is funny because I’m the oldest child. But he won my heart in this picture.

#35 Brenner FamilyPINIMAGE

I just really really really love everything about this picture. Purple is on of my favorite colors and it looks perfect in this picture. It was a really cold and windy day in this picture but the colors were perfect!

#36 Hunter MaternityPINIMAGE

This picture is so sweet. I still LOVE tea time. The locations was perfect and the light was to die for. Absolutely gorgeous.

#37 MaggiePINIMAGE

I love when mom’s take the initiative and find cute props. Especially because it makes their pictures unique. Oh just wait until you see this little dude.

#38 Tiojanco FamilyPINIMAGE

I just love those little lips and her little gypsy hat. But especially those lips!!!

#39 Baby HunterPINIMAGE

One of the best parts of my job is capturing a moment. A precious moment. A moment that maybe no one else saw. This next picture was one of those moments. It was during a wedding. The father of the groom had just gotten out of the hospital to be at the wedding. It was a sweet moment in time that is captured forever.

#40 Forbes WeddingPINIMAGE

And lastly, I was asked to capture a proposal. Another moment in time that that couple will most likely never forget. It was an honor. And a joy. Nothing like love.


Phew!! That’s it for now.

Now go tell your friends!! (and vote!!)

The last day to vote will be Mon. Jan. 9th 2012

Thanks for a GREAT year.

**************VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!! CONGRATULATIONS AUDRA OHM!!!********************

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  • Laura Molitor - Erica – I loved them all, absolutely stunning! It’s going to be hard to pick 1 favorite.

  • Kelly - Erica,

    You truly are an inspiration. What you manage to accomplish, and do so well, on a daily basis amazes me. Your energy and positivity in addition to your incredible talent are truly a gift. Thank you so much!

    Love to the Hangs from the Ramons!

  • Leah - Well, it was a tough one, but I have to say that #24 Jo is my favorite. So gorgeous!!!!

  • Kerry Ann Brown - 1 and of course 17 πŸ™‚ Good job Erica! You do an amazing job!

  • Audra - LOVE all of them!! You are an amazing photographer friend! I am always inspired by you. But I must say that I have to pick #28…for personal reason! Love you!

  • Jen - You have done an amazing job this past year! Love them all…BUT I’m going to have to go with #25.

  • Joanna Fay - #24!!!! AWESOME!!! I loved my photo shoot. The pics came out great! There all so good i don’t know who to vote for so of course I have to vote for my self =)

  • Ronda Acuna - Incredible shots…Wow! Really capturing such emotion and beauty. Thanks for sharing. Hugs…Ronda

  • Casi - 28 of course! πŸ™‚

  • Grace Tessien - Loved ALL of the pics!! some i hadn’t seen on your FB page. must be slacking…

    hard to pick one but if i HAD to pick one i’d say #31 – castellucios πŸ™‚ they all look great and micah’s facial expression is the BEST!!!

  • Karen Mattox - 28 πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Nord - #34 – it’s one of my favorites from our session too! I can’t decide if I like the black and white or colored version better.

  • Ann Porter Rocha - Erica – I also love so many of them. I would choose all of them – each one is shot with such love. You have a good eye for capturing beauty. I love the wedding photos – especially the creative #8. The baby shots are all so precious. Every baby has a right to be chosen as the best of 2011. Your teens – they are all so beautiful. The families – each one is great – I have no doubt that everyone was so happy with the photos they received. The Ohm family pic is perfect, the Castellucios are beautiful. I want to mention in particular #1, #4, #7, #8, #10, #20 and #21. Enough said, my most favorite shot of them all is the Schapmann’s #19. I love her expression!!!

  • Ben - #24.

  • Brenda Lee - Erica you did a beautiful job of shooting my daughter. Thanks so much! I vote #24 of course.

  • Natalie Bunnell - Gorgeous photos, but I want to vote for #28 The Ohms. Love this picture of A., A. & little A. πŸ™‚

  • Mary Jane Kestner - Wow! Lovely photos!
    My vote is for The Ohms, #28…so, so cute πŸ™‚

  • Adam Ohm - Dude…great job on all the pics! #28 is my vote of course!

  • Julie - Obviously Ayson’s…number 38!

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