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I fell in love at a young age and married my man who’s been affectionately at my side ever since. We quickly had 3 children and now I’ve had the privilege of observing their fresh love for life.

In the midst of my (crazy!) world of parenting 3 under 3, I bought a camera and began capturing my children living life. I discovered that photography was the perfect way for me to pursue my passion for capturing life’s beauty. Several years later, I’ve had the opportunity to practice my photography work on numerous babies, children, families, and my favorite: teens! Through studying, shooting, editing, and attention to style, I’ve learned to combine my passion and skills to bring out the natural beauty in my clients.

Girls in their senior year are particularly full of potential and are a special passion of mine to work with. If you are girl looking for senior pictures please allow me the opportunity to pamper you and bring out the beauty of life that surrounds your style and personality!View More:




My inspiration.


Erica Hang

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  • katie chasen - looking for a photographer for my family in glenview. just need some good pictures of us! they are growing too fast!
    thanks, katie

  • Priya - Hi!

    I’m looking to have some pictures taken of my family and I. I am currently pregnant with my second child and my first just turned 2. I wanted to combine these 2 occasions into 1 session. Can I please get some pricing on session fees and digital costs.

    Thank you!!

  • Silvija Jakubowski - I’m in Glenview looking to take pictures of my family. Kids grow up so fast I need to hold on to this memories. Interested in pricing.



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