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I have been enjoying my kids so much lately!

I’m very thankful for that.

Being a mom can be hard so I’m thankful I enjoy them!

So, I wanted to show them off a little.

Here is my eldest.

He is all about fairness, just like I was as a kid.

He can climb walls just like his Daddy can.

He has a compassionate heart.

And he’s not such a little boy anymore. PINIMAGEMy next one is 362 days younger than her brother.

She came quicker than we expected but she’s so sweet.

She is very thoughtful of others.

She is my very obedient one and very artistic.

She is competitive when it comes to knowledge.

She is growing up too quickly also.PINIMAGEMy next one, came a year and a half after her sister.

Gave us a little break.

I sometimes joke that she didn’t get the memo about being a girl.

She likes to wrestle and keep with the boys.

However, she does do it all (mostly) in a dress.

She can be quite sassy, but she is my hugger and kisser.

I can’t believe she is my youngest. PINIMAGE

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